Dr. Benyam Asefa

Dr. Benyam was a Clinical Immunologist and Group Leader at an integrated research facility in Maryland.  In this role, he was responsible for the supervision of a full service core supporting a diverse array of disciplines including immunology, hematology, hemostasis, clinical chemistry, high containment training and infectious disease studies.  Prior to this, he worked in biotechnology in the field of HIV vaccine research and therapeutics at VirxSYS, where he was instrumental in pioneering the development and pre-clinical testing of an HIV vaccine candidate.

Dr. Benyam obtained his PhD in Experimental Medicine from McGill University and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Concordia University with a BSc in Cell and Molecular Biology.  His post-doctoral studies led him to a role as a Visiting Fellow at the National Cancer Institute in Frederick, Maryland where he made significant discoveries in cancer research.  As well as authoring several publications, his love of Science and learning also saw him serve as an Adjunct Professor at Hood College in Maryland, where he taught both undergraduate and graduate students.

Ben was born in Ethiopia where he spent his childhood years. He completed his elementary and secondary studies in Arusha, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya before proceeding to Maryland, USA for his university studies.

Ben is remembered by all who know him as a gentle and caring person, always ready to lend a helping hand. His contribution to the field of Science was cut tragically short in 2013. He is greatly missed by his loved ones.